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Angular Js Training: Step by step for beginners


AngularJs is an open-source JavaScript framework. It is a powerful JavaScript framework to create Rich Internet Applications (RIAs). It enables developers to write client-side applications that are cross-browser compliant.

  • AngularJS reduces the lines of code that a programmer needs to write to develop a functionality.
  • AngularJS works with any server-side technology as it is a JavaScript client-side tool. It additionally coexists with other client-side technologies and can be tweaked in a manner that it is not interfering with the current setup.
  • AngularJS is compatible with other libraries such as action script, jQuery, and Javascript.
  • AngularJS makes web browsers smart.
  • AngularJS can create a large scale of dynamic web applications and it works on all modern web browsers.
  • AngularJS is an open source framework and can run on any platform.

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